Instead of Be Mine this Valentine’s Day, what if you decided to Be Yours? What if you promised to be true to you? What if you pronounced your love to you?

No more expectations for others to make this day special, but choosing to make it special for you. What do you need today to feel complete?

I wonder what a love letter to myself might sound like. Choose to steal these words for yourself today:

Dear me,

You amaze me.

Life is so hard sometimes and yet you rise each day to run the race; knowing that you will likely fall, others will pass you along the way, and you will become exhausted at the end of it. And yet you keep going day after day, stopping to help others who are behind or have fallen too.

With all of these races, you keep growing stronger and learning more each day. Sometimes you can’t see it because of the sweat and tears in your eyes but you never give up.

There is no one that loves you more than I do, for it is me that truly knows the depths of your mind, body, and soul. I see all your weaknesses, fears, and disabilities. True love is in choosing to emphasize your strengths, spirit, and possibilities.


P.S. – Happy Valentine’s Day!